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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
CCEMS provides simple transports to ALS pre-hospital intervention.

7:30 am -7:30 pm an ALS ambulance is placed at the EMS Base in Yanceyville, Providence Fire Department in Providence, and Anderson Fire Department in Anderson.   

7:30 pm – 7:30 am all ambulances return to the headquarters base in Yanceyville.  The part time crew member departs reducing capabilities to two ALS ambulances and the Supervisor (2 ½ ambulances).

Hospitals served:

  • Duke
  • UNC
  • VA
  • Moses Cone
  • Annie Penn
  • Danville Regional
  • Person Memorial
  • Women’s, Wesley Long
  • Durham Regional
  • Alamance Regional
CCEMS operates under the license of a Medical Director, the NC OEMS Protocols, and local protocols. Aggressive treatments and technologies include Capnography, induced hypothermia, and the latest in heart monitor equipment.

CCEMS transports patients to the closest appropriate facility, strongly considering the desires of the patient and/or their family.  CCEMS has 17 full time employees including the Director and EM Coordinator.  Emergency Management is a division of EMS.

CCEM is responsible for the planning, mitigation, execution, and recovery of all hazardous conditions natural and manmade.  EM assets are available to include: HAZMAT Trailer, Companion Animal Mobile Equipment Trailer, and a “Sheltee” trailer to mention a few.

"CaswellCounty EMS is looking for intelligent, hard-working, passionate individuals that want to be part of something very different. We need people that dream big and possess a work ethic that will inspire those around them. We are seeking forward thinking people, who produce results rather than wait for them. You will not be micromanaged; but you will need to meet specific expectations and it will be entirely up to you to make sure that this happens. You will be backed by one of the strongest, most supportive leadership teams in the pre-hospital industry. We are all committed to patient care, the employees professional development, and the success of the service."

GOAL:  To provide the best emergency medical service to the residents, guests, and visitors of Caswell County through comprehensive education, detailed assessment, and effective corrective action.

Vision:  Caswell County Emergency Medical Services is dedicated to using education, honest self-evaluation, and data driven quality management.  Our commitment to continuous improvement will result in the most modern, effective, and patient friendly emergency medical service. Innovative treatments, state-of-the-art equipment, and foresight in leadership will serve as our cornerstones.

Mission:  Caswell County Emergency Services is dedicated to using available assets, competent personnel, and a "teamwork” attitude to provide emergency medical service to Caswell County and surrounding areas in order that everyone we help can preserve, enhance, or recover the highest quality of life possible as a result or our assistance. 

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Contact Us

Barry Lynch
Emergency Services Director/Emergency Management Coordinator

Caswell County Emergency Medical Services
PO Box 99
Yanceyville, NC  27379

Phone: 336-694-5177 Ext 1 

Fax: 336-694-5738

[email protected]

Office Hours: 

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Service Hours:

Caswell County NC | PO Box 98 - 144 Court Square Yanceyville, NC 27379
Phone: 336-694-4193
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