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Piedmont Community College
Next to quality labor, worker training is probably the most important concern of business people considering moving or expanding their business. The Piedmont Community College (PCC) in Yanceyville can design and offer worker training programs for any type of industry. In fact, PCC trains more industrial workers than virtually any other institution in North Carolina.

Excellent Pre-employment Training
PCC has conducted pre-employment and skills training for companies such as Burlington Industries, Sunline USA Group and CTI Electronics.

Proven Technical Training
Employees who go through PCC’s pre-employment training reach productive levels faster and stay with the company longer. Their industrial trainers have assisted a number of companies in achieving ISO 9000 ratings. They have also been called in to re-organize supervision, train management in teamwork programs and provide technical training in disciplines ranging from textile cut-sew to CNC lathe operation to pipe manufacturing to computer applications.

Piedmont Community College is also recognized for excellence in Criminal Justice and Emergency Medical Training programs. In addition, they operate the center for training camera operators, electricians, set carpenters and other film technicians in North Carolina in their Motion Picture Production Technology Program.

Performance Guarantee
Bring your business to Caswell County and you will find skilled employees who are prepared to go to work. The Employment Security Commission will screen prospective employees and recommend the most qualified ones for pre-employment training. PCC will take these applicants through a pre-employment training program designed just for your company. Within 2-4 weeks, you will be able to interview pre-screened, job-ready applicants.


PCC Film & Video Production

If you want to work in the film and video industry, you want to get training from experienced working professionals, dedicated craftsmen who are professionally recognized for their experience, skill and expertise. You want to learn your skills working on projects that demand the most and offer the greatest learning opportunity. You want to use professional equipment exactly like you will use on the job. You want to work with 16 and 35 millimeter film and digital video. You want to get hands-on experience.

The Piedmont Community College film and video production program is different than other film and video programs. From the first day, the training is geared toward helping you find work in the industry. Using a class project paradigm, you are introduced to industry standard procedures using state-of-the-art professional equipment by working film and video professionals. The curriculum covers the full range of craft categories that represent more than 90% of the jobs in the industry. You learn the nomenclature and set protocol, professional techniques and procedures.

Class projects are carefully selected to maximize the learning opportunities. Projects are shot on 35 MM film, 16 MM film, digital video and analog video on location in Yanceyville, North Carolina. Experienced guest mentors fill key creative roles.

Get a jump on your career by enrolling in PCC's Film and Video Production Technology Program. The program at PCC prepares students for entry-level employment in areas of film, video and digital media production. Extensive hands on training is used in class project based labratory sessions.

Applications are free. Low tuition and fees. Financial aid is available. The program is open to all qualifying students.

Ed Moye
Director, Film and Video Production Technology
Piedmont Community College
PO. Box 1150
331 Piedmont Drive
Yanceyville, NC 27379-1150
Office: (336) 694-5707 Ext. 8070; Fax (336) 694-7086
E-mail: [email protected]

PCC Animation Training

The Digital Effects and Animation Technology Program will teach students the creative and technical skills needed to embark on an entry-level career in the fast developing field of computer graphics for video, film and computer games production. These skills include storyboarding, 3D modeling and animation, non-linear video editing, compositing and 2D animation. Students receive hands-on training in a state of the arts lab with 24 hour key card access.

What’s in the Lab? Our lab contains 20 graphics workstations (half Mac OSX and half Windows 2000) With the following software programs: Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Media Cleaner 5, Discreet 3D Studio Max, Alias Wavefront MAYA, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Flash

This is a two year full time program which culminates in an Associate of Applied Sciences degree. For more information contact [email protected] or telephone (336)694-5707. 

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