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Phone: (336) 694-4449

Fax: (336) 694-5855

Director: Randy Jefferson

E-mail: [email protected]
Physical Address: 228 County Park Road, Yanceyville, NC
Hours: M-F  9:00am-5:00pm



To work with the Recreation Director to plan and promote recreational activities and opportunities for the citizens of Caswell County.




Mission and Vision

Parks and Recreation services are an essential function of government, which provide parks and recreation facilities and programs, promotes industrial growth and improves the quality of life for our citizens. It is necessary for the County to promote industrial growth and improves the quality of life for our citizens. It is necessary for the County to promote and provide wholesome recreation opportunities and facilities to all county citizens in order to fulfill the function of recreation.

Mission Statement:

To respond to the changing needs within our communities, while striving to enrich the quality of life through parks and recreation opportunities for present and future citizens of Caswell County.

Vision Statement:

Caswell County Parks and Recreation pledges to:

  • Foster the need of our citizens for recreational pursuits in a leisure environment.

  • Provide excellent public service through cooperative partnerships with different stakeholders.

  • Provide stewardship of our county’s natural, cultural, and historical resources.


For rental rates and information on our facilities, click here.

  • Gymnasium

  • Picnic shelter w/ grill, individual picnic tables

  • 6 tennis courts

  • 1/3 mile paved walking track

  • 2 playground areas

  • 3 lighted athletic fields

  • Horseshoe pits

  • Bocce court

  • Concession facilities

Programs and Activities

  • Youth basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, football, flag football

  • Adult Basketball, softball, volleyball

  • Preschool age starter sports

  • Zumba and Kickboxing fitness classes

  • Open gym

  • Tennis


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you rent the gym and shelters?

Yes you may rent the gym and shelter. We have a rental policy that has to be filled out and you pay the fee based on how many hours you use the facilities.

Do you take credit cards?

No credit cards or debit cards. We take cash or check.

Where do you find out how to register for sports?

You can come by the Recreation office during office hours and pick up a registration form. You can also download the form online. You can fill out and  pay then, take home and mail back to the Rec office, or  use the drop box outside the gym door to place form and  money in.

Picnic in the Park


Below is information on our facilities, associated rental rates and FAQs

Facility Rental

Facility Rentals

Any groups renting Parks and Recreation facilities must accept responsibility for their proper cleanliness. Reimbursement must be made for any furniture, utensils, or equipment misplaced, destroyed, or broken during rental. Renters also assume responsibility for all claims, damages, or actions arising out of his/her use of the facility and further agree to indemnify and hold the County harmless from any such actions or damages.

All reservations of buildings, rooms, open air shelters, and athletic fields must be made by signing an existing Facility Usage Form. No reservations may be made by telephone. Deposit and payment for the use of a facility shall be made at the time the Facility Usage Form. Deposits shall be refunded after facility inspection at the conclusion of each event. (Exception: Voluntary cancellation after the 7 day cancellation deadline.) The department will bill by invoice, companies or organizations for rental fees if requested at the time the Facility Usage Form is completed. Payments should be made for the invoices within ten days of being received.

If a reservation needs to be cancelled, a full refund will be made if the cancellation is made no later than 48 hours before the time the facility is scheduled to be used. If a cancellation occurs after that time, no refund will be made. (Exception: In the event of inclement weather, a full refund will be given)

All Parks and Recreation Department sponsored events shall have preference in scheduling for buildings and other facilities.

All rentals fees will be based on the Parks and Recreation Department’s Facility Rental Fee Schedule

Non-Profit Group Events

Picnic Shelter

  • $10.00 / HR + $30.00 refundable deposit



  • $20.00 / HR + $20 supervisor fee + $50.00 refundable deposit


Athletic Fields*

  • $10.00 / HR per field – not prepared

  • $75.00 / Day per field – prepared
    $12.00 / HR supervisory fee (if necessary**)


Tennis Courts***

  • $10.00 / HR per court $12.00 / HR supervisory fee (if necessary**)

For Profit Fundraising Events

Picnic Shelter

  • $20.00 / HR (minimum use of 3 hours is required) + $30.00 refundable deposit



  • 250.00 / Day + $50.00 refundable deposit
    $12.00 / HR supervisory fee (if necessary**)


Athletic Fields*

  • $150.00 / Day per field – prepared
    $12.00 / HR supervisory fee (if necessary**)

Tennis Courts***

  • $20.00 / HR per court (minimum use of 3 hours is required)
    $12.00 / HR supervisory fee (if necessary**)


^  The Parks and Recreation Director and staff reserve the right to deny gymnasium usage for events that present obvious security and / or safety issues. The Parks and Recreation Director and staff also reserves the right to require that local, off duty law enforcement officers be hired to provide security and paid by the person wishing to rent the facilities.  

* Athletic fields may be reserved for tournaments by contacting the Parks and Recreation Department. Only Parks and Recreation staff will have access to County owned equipment. (scoreboards, field marking equipment, etc.) No one will be permitted to perform maintenance to or prepare fields for play, other than Parks and Recreation staff. These services will require that an accompanying supervisory fee be paid.

** The Parks and Recreation Director and staff will have the sole authority to decide what, if any, supervisory fee will be charged on a per case basis. Such factors as time of rental, expected attendance, and necessary labor and
equipment will all be taken into account.

*** The Parks and Recreation Director and staff may require that one (1) tennis court be left available for public use during any rental.


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