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Library hotspots – Grant Funding ending in May 2022

During COVID, the library was awarded 3 different grants to provide Hotspots to students so that they could access school work and do assignments and research at home. The library worked with the schools and community members to help identify students who were in need of hotspots. The grants paid for the cost of the Hotspots, as well as the monthly internet subscription costs. These grants were vital during the pandemic, especially in a county with limited internet access. The library is greatly appreciative of the grant awards and honored to be able to provide this service to our community during these trying times. Now that the pandemic is coming to an end, so are the grants that so graciously supported the community hotspots. The funding that paid the monthly subscription for the hotspots will end at the end of May and all library hotspots will be deactivated. The hotspots were purchased through the County and should be returned to the library by the end of May. The library will no longer have hotspots available to the public. However, the library will continue to offer free access to public computers and Wifi inside the library, as well as in the library parking lot.

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