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Caswell County Broadband Initiative

October 25, 2022

Caswell County continues to move forward in obtaining access to affordable, high-speed internet services, regardless of where residents live through both federal and state grants awarded to Broadband Providers. Spectrum, winner of the federal Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) grant is currently working within Caswell County to expand internet services in the rural areas of our county. Zitel, winner of the state GREAT grant process, will begin working in Caswell after the award agreements are completed by the state. You can identify your interest with these providers by entering in your address on the respective link. Other internet providers for Yanceyville can be found at the BroadbandNow website. For those wanting to support Caswell County’s broadband initiative please complete the state’s broadband survey .

If you have any questions regarding broadband in Caswell County, please feel free to contact:

Bryan Miller

County Manager

(336) 694-4193

[email protected]

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