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Social Worker III


Social Worker I Regular Rate: $37,793.43

Social Worker II Regular Rate: $44,724.16

Social Worker III Regular Rate: $48,653.95

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The primary purpose of this position is to provide advanced level social work services for children and their families in which the agency has assumed custody due to abuse, neglect and/or dependency. The focus is to assure children reside in permanent, safe and suitable homes within 12-24 months of entering foster care. The social worker may provide reunification services, or in cases where reunification does not occur seek an adoptive home, a guardianship or custody arrangement, or another alternative permanent placement (APPLA). Position will participate in Emergency Management (Shelter) duties as required by Caswell County and the State of North Carolina. Position may perform other duties as assigned by the Supervisor or Director. The major responsibilities and duties of the social worker include comprehensive and on-going assessment of children and their families, development of an Out of Home Family Services Agreement in conjunction with a Permanency Planning document, implementation of services, strategies and supports as outlined in the Family Services Agreement (Case Plan) and provide supportive counseling and guidance to resource families to ensure children have their physical, emotional and psychological needs met. Worker will be assigned home studies and will carry adoption assistance cases. A visitation plan for children with their families and siblings if they are placed in separate homes. Worker will negotiate and coordinate visitation for child and family. Arranges for supervision of visits when needed. Arranges for transportation of children and/their families to various appointments. This position will be expected to write court reports and testify in court including preparation and or testimony for review hearing, adjudication and termination of parental rights cases.

MINIMUM EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school of social work and three years of social work experience; other combinations of a bachelor’s degree in a human services curriculum and work experience considered. Ability to speak Spanish preferred. May consider applicants who do not meet full qualifications; such applicants would begin at one of the other social work classes listed above based on education and experience with salary commensurate with classification.

Closing Date for Application: Until filled

Submit State Application form, Dianne C. Moorefield, Director

along with college transcript to: Caswell County Dept. of Social Services

P.O. Box 1538

Yanceyville, N.C. 27379

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